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There is something intrinsically magical in the ability to take pictures, freezing and collecting moments in time. This has always been fascinating to me and is part of what makes photography so special. Growing up I learned about art/music through my mom and technology/engineering from my dad. Photography is the perfect medium that joined both of those worlds together, and entirely allows me to express my creativity. 

I'm privileged to say that I love my work. Photography is my passion. 

My pursuit is to chase moments that are meaningful, personal, and evoke emotion. I hope that my work reflects those qualities. 

Currently I am based in Riverside serving areas across Southern California. As you may have noticed, I love to get out and travel to new and exciting places. I've been blessed to work with many wonderful people over the years that have supported me throughout my journey. I would love the opportunity to get to know you and capture your special moments!

I have taken formal classes in photography, film, and editing at UCLA Photography Extension School and have learned from some of the best photographers in the field. I am currently working on my professional certification. 


Rest assured that I use industry leading equipment and upgrade my gear frequently. I understand top-notch gear doesn't automatically make you a great photographer, but when you want the best quality possible in your photos it definitely helps. 

My go-to Sony A7r III and

Sony 24-70 GM f2.8

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