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The Classics

Premium Lightroom Presets

A professional collection of hand crafted Adobe Lightroom Presets inspired by the stylistic works of master composers. Elevate your photography above and beyond the everyday. 

Autumn Road
Amadeus Box.png


Much like the composer himself,

the Amadeus collection of presets are versatile, technically sophisticated, and extend the visual reach of an image.

Mountain Range
Beethoven Box.png


The Beethoven collection of presets create a symphony of dramatic 

colors and tones for those that prefer powerful images that excite the senses. 

Misty Forest
Chopin Box.png


The ultimate moody collection; Chopin presets evoke romanticism and emotion. Add an artistic flair to your images.

Chopin Box.png
Beethoven Box.png
Amadeus Box.png

The A.B.C. Bundle

Save $30 when you purchase Amadeus, Beethoven, and Chopin Lightroom Presets together. 

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